GW Blue Wisp

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My goal has been and is to be a versatile trumpet/flugelhorn player and play many styles very well. I started playing professionally in nightclubs when I was 13 years old and am still pushing myself musically by accepting musically challenging offers. I have been fortunate to perform throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, Israel, Turkey, and Russia with many great artists. Whether playing in the lead chair, solos, or section, I adapt my style of playing to enhance the musical performance that I am placed. In addition to playing with many groups I am involved in recording sessions, arranging, as a musical contractor, and clinician for educational institutions.


I enjoy arranging horn section music for projects no matter what style of music. My strength is understanding the musical concepts one is trying to convey and arranging the horns to enhance the project. Playing with so many different artists has helped me to understand what works and doesn’t work in live performances and in the studio. Applying this knowledge to arranging saves everyone a lot of time, frustration, and money.


I offer private trumpet lessons as well as working with students and ensembles for musical clinics. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have attained while performing in a variety of settings. My teaching goes beyond just playing music and incorporates all aspects of being a professional musician on and off the stage.

Musician Contracting Services:

Need a certain “type” musician, a backup group, or an orchestra to be put together? Musicians for a studio session? I can help by getting the musicians appropriate to fulfill your needs. I am also available as a musical director or producer to ensure a smooth performance or recording session.