Jul 2012

Preparing for the road...

Two more days before getting on a train for 8-1/2 hours to join up with Fred Wesley and the New JB’s in Bonneville, France. It was nice having a week break and now it is time to start preparing for the next week and then flying back to the US for the month of August to visit family and friends.

Today is laundry and packing day and trying to complete some chores needed around the house. Since the airlines have started charging for over-weight and extra bags, packing is an art of “How little can I get by with?”

Guess, I better get me another cup of coffee and start packing…

Heading to Differdange/Luxembourg - Blues Express

Went to Berlin and saw Dr. John in Berlin. Playing with Dr. John now from Columbus, Ohio is Sarah Morrow on trombone. I met Sarah playing in the PsychoAcoustic Orchestra about 15 years ago. How time flies. We also worked together with Bootsy and I also worked with her in Dr. John’s band in the spring at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House.

Now I am in Osnabrück, Germany and headed to Differdange/Luxembourg to play with the Tommy Schneller Band for the Blues Express Festival. Hopefully, the clouds and rain will disappear in time for the festival. The weather in Germany and this area of Europe has been pretty cool and rainy. Will let you know how it went later...

Photo on 3-26-12 at 4.28 PM #3
Sarah Morrow & Me

Going to Berlin

Going to take a trip to Berlin today to see Dr. John perform. Sarah Morrow is now a permanent member of the group and I am looking forward to hearing and seeing her too. Worked with Dr. John this spring at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House. We performed a tribute to Louis Armstrong. It was a lot of fun.

Updating Web Site

Photo 29
Since Apple discontinued MobileMe and no longer support iWeb I have had to re-do my web site. I am slowly reconstructing the web site and will start adding audio and video soon. If you have any suggestions, let me know and I will try to incorporate them into my site. I will be using this blog area to let you know what is going on. My next tour starts July 19th with Fred Wesley and the New JB’s. More to come…