Conserving Energy while touring.


We are half-way through the “Fred Wesley and the New JB’s” tour in Europe. So far, it has been a very enjoyable tour. Since opening in Newcastle, England, we have played in Zurich, Switzerland, and Paris, France. We are now on our way to “The Blue Note” in Milano, Italy.

The routing has not been easy and has required us to travel long distances by a combination of planes, trains, and taxis. Sleep has been sporadic. However, if one wants to be “on the road,” one better expect to be able to perform on little sleep. The key is to rest whenever possible, do not stay out and party after the gigs, and get straight to bed when one can. Conserving energy is a large part of staying healthy and having energy to perform.

When I first went on the road with Fred Wesley in 1999, I was amazed at how, as soon as we were on the bus, Fred would be asleep as well as the other musical veterans in the group. I did not understand then what they were doing. I just thought they had little energy. Wrong!!! They knew how to keep their energy levels in reserve and how to re-charge themselves when they had the opportunity. I would stay up and try to catch in all the sites and by the time we arrived at sound-check and the gig, I was feeling tired. I would look over and Fred and the other guys would not look tired at all. Since then, I have learned my lesson. Now, I am usually trying to fall asleep at any time I am waiting somewhere; on a bus, a taxi, a plane, a train, or airport terminal. Just make sure to set an alarm at the airport terminal though. One does not want to miss their flight or train due to sleeping through their departure time. LOL

I am currently sitting in Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. Our flight to Milano, Italy leaves in about 60 minutes. That is another important point to make about being on the road. Make sure to allow yourself a time-cushion for appointments. Traveling rarely goes as scheduled. There is nothing worse to drain one’s energy and creating stress than arriving at the last minute at the airport or train terminal. With the way one has to go through customs and security, you need to make sure to have the time to make your appointment for departure.

The results of rest and adhering to a schedule with time-cushions results in being able to relax, conserve energy, and perform well at night.

Our plane is getting ready to board, so it is time for me to sign off and take a nap… More to come later...