Some thoughts on my Discography

While I was putting together my discography  I realized there were many artists’ CD projects I was involved that I  have not placed on my discography.  This is due to many reasons.  One of  the main reasons is because I never kept a list of what projects I was  recording on and did not have any CD as  a reminder or reference.  My  method of putting together the discography was to go through CD’s I had  on my CD shelf.  They were given to me from the artists with whom I have  recorded.  There are many times a recording session player does not  receive cd’s they are on.  The CD’s may not be available for quite  awhile.  There may be additional tracks to record, then mixing and  mastering to complete the project.  Sending a CD to everyone recording  on the project usually does not happen.

A few examples of some of  the artists I have recorded for that are worth mentioning and not in my  discography are Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Byrd, and Richard “Kush”  Griffith.  I do not know the name of the tune I recorded with Lenny  Kravitz.   I know one thing, it was funky!  I was told in the studio it  was supposed to be a sound track to an upcoming movie.  It was recorded  in 2004 while I was in Los Angeles playing on a tribute to Ray Charles  for CBS.  Recording for Bobby Byrd’s CD took place at Bootsy Collins’  studio.  That is the session where I met Fred Wesley for the first time  in 1998.  Richard “Kush” Griffith’s CD was also recorded at Bootsy  Collins’ studio.  That was a couple of years before Richard “Kush”  Griffith passed away.

On the CD’s listed on the discography my  role in the sessions were mainly to record trumpet (T) and flugelhorn  (F).  On some sessions I did horn arranging (A), composing (C), and  helping in the final mix (M).  I have designated my input on the  sessions with the capital letters under the title of “Role.”

The  majority of my recording sessions are for theme parks, cruise ships,  industrial/corporate shows, and commercials.  CD’s are only one product  produced in the sessions I do. ers a wide range of music styles.  Well, here it is:

List UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (More coming Soon...)