Due to the Coronavirus all events on the schedule have been cancelled 

at this point until mid-July.  This may be extended.  Updates

to the schedule will be posted.  

March 27th: Pee Wee Ellis - Bristol, GB

March 29th: The Jamal Thomas Band - Blagoevgrad, BJ 

April 11th: The Tommy Schneller Band - Münster, DE 

April 20th - 24th: LaJJazzO Workshop - Rheinsberg, DE

April 25th - TU BigBand Workshop - Braunschweig, DE

April 29th - 30th: Funk 101 Workshop - Manchester, GB

May 9th: First Take - Osnabrück, DE 

May 21st: Hi Summit - Hildesheim, DE

June 11th - 13th: Curtis Salgado - FR

June 19th: Jazz Baltica Brass Band - Timmendorfer Strand, DE

June 27th: Fette Hupe - Oldenburg, DE

June 28th: Fette Hupe - Oldenburg, DE

July 1st - 5th: Fred Wesley & The New JB's - Europe

July 23rd: The Tommy Schneller Band - Amberg, DE

July 24th: The Tommy Schneller Band - Rockenhausen, DE

July 30th: The Tommy Schneller Band - Brelin, DE

July 31st: Fette Hupe - Hannover, DE

August 7th: The Tommy Schneller Band - Lenfort, DE

August 8th: The Tommy Schneller Band - Grünberg, DE

September 20th: Fette Hupe - Hannover, DE

October 17th: First Take - Osnabrück, DE

October 23rd: JMW Brass Band & Fette Hupe - Berlin, DE

November 12th - December 12th: Fred Wesley & The New JB's - Europe

December 19th: The Tommy Schneller Band - Bad Reichenhall

January 21st & 22nd: The Tommy Schneller Band - Emsdetten, DE

January 23rd: The Tommy Schneller Band - Bad Meinberg, DE

February 14th: Fette Hupe - Hannover, DE

April 25th: Fette Hupe - Hannover, DE